The pregnantcy is confirmed, we expect the puppy 's will be born around 20 april 2019
our waiting list is open now, if you are
seriously interested in a puppy from our kennel
you can contact us for all your questions.

the combination for our next litter will be between 
Hagira's Thoea x Puck of the Pride lands

We breed only according the rules from the VFR (verenigings fok regelement) from the RRCN (rhodesian ridgeback club nederland) and the RvB (raad van beheer/ dutch kennel club).
We also followed the breedingcourse given by the RRCN.

Both parents are HD A en ED free.
They are also both tested on JME an DM and are also free (non carrier).
more information about the parents you can find on there own page on this website.

It is without saying that all the puppies will get there pedigree and dna tested (given by the RvB).
They will also be chiped by the RvB.
The vet will come to give theme there first graft and will fill in there passport.
The RRCN will come to check the litter and check the puppies on DS.